I wanna publish zines and rage against machines

WHAT MAGAZINE #1 is out! And by out, I mean I made 20 copies thinking it would be enough but every one is accounted for and next paycheck I need to go print more.

It’s 24 pages, chock-full of comics, ranting, and comics. It’s not that good. You’ll love it though!

If there’s anybody out there (lol) who wants a copy, email me at: meinfuhrericanwalk@gmail.com The zine is free in theory, but if I have to mail it out, I gotta ask for something. Either we can swap or you can paypal me maybe. We’ll work out details in the email. If you’re in Kitchener or Waterloo, Ontario, I can hand-deliver it. Sorry Cambridge: you lose.

If anybody wants to contribute to future issues in any way, PLEASE contact me. I loved the whole process, but coming up with 24 pages of material is hard. Plus I want to collaborate with folks. We can pretend it’s the 90’s and listen to Beastie Boys.

Welp, see ya.


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