Annual Check-in

I’ve been extra extra busy. School has hit hard. I’ve moved from my old studio to new space at school. All my old projects still languish in limbo but I’ve gotten a lot done on new things. Projects on the go include:

  • Diaspora: First installment is ready, I just need to make a website. I’m writing the next sequences and about ready to draw more.
  • WHAT Magazine: The second zine is being drawn and readied. I’ve got several pages left to draw and then assemble the final zine. Issue number 2 looms! I’ll be printing many for:
  • Canzine 2012: A big zine fair in Toronto on October 21. I’ve registered for a table and will be selling zines, prints and buttons. You can buy the new What #2, my 2010 24-Hour Comic (also available at my website) and a special minizine made for the convention.I’m also preparing some exclusive WHAT poster prints and business cards and an updated website to roll out with the show. I’m not expecting any huge success with the show, just looking forward to finishing new work and getting it out there.
  • Comic with Steve: It’s rolling along. We haven’t met much since school started but we’re eager to dive back in, and this is the project I’ve made the most progress in. It’s through the process of planning, designing and drawing with him that I’ve further developed my skills and something resembling a style has begun to emerge. It’s encouraging.

I’ll also be doing comics as my undegrad thesis, so I’ve got a lot of formal experimentation and writing and cartooning exercises planned. I’m also self-teaching to switch to all-digital workflow, scanning only maybe loose pencils. I found this great link from idrawdigital for making webcomics, which I’m looking forward to diving into.


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