The ship is dockin’, interlockin’

I’m reporting live from the depths of the most productive period of my life thus far.

It’s my last term of my fine art education and I’m racing to get my work done before the end of the term. My class has an exhibition at the University of Waterloo Art Gallery in mid-March as both the culmination of our four year program and as (ideally) the beginning of our professional art careers.

I’m working on finishing my latest comics project, Midcourse. It’s a sordid near-future sci-fi tale of deep space. I published the first installment in WHAT #2 in October, which you can see here.



I’ve completed part 2, and part 3 is underway. I’ve never been this efficient and productive. I’m amazing even myself. I thought it would be a lonely task but I really enjoy blocking out the world and zoning into my drawing table with some good music, snacks and laptop nearby. Also coffee.


The three parts will be released together in print, which will be my first real comic book. I’ll be debuting it at the grad exhibition on March 21, with the comic and some other drawings and work of mine. I’m really excited, but there’s still a lot of work to do. I’m currently at 22 pages out of an eventual 34.

I’ll still have 2 more courses to do over the summer, but come August, I’ll be done university and will need to start a life or something. I’ve been applying for things, making longer-term plans, but I’m still very uncertain about the future. At hand is the task.


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